Welcome to Industrial Integration & Controls Ltd.  We are a Control Systems Engineering services company based in Co. Limerick, Ireland.  We are a proven Controls Systems Integrator in the Irish market and beyond.

We have successfully completed Control Systems Engineering projects in the Irish, US and European markets.

We have significant Control Systems Engineering experience in the oil & gas, discrete manufacturing, pharmaceutical and the cement manufacturing/distribution industries.

We are strong believers in clever modular designs that provide consistency and scalability to the solutions that we deliver to our customers.  We believe in automating our own processes in the same way and for the same reasons that our customers automate theirs - to reduce costs and to improve quality and reliability.  These automated processes allow us to produce large distributed systems quickly and cost effectively.


Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems today are diverse, highly computerised, highly capable & complex systems.  They must integrate the basic manufacturing requirements of efficiency, quality and safety, but also the every increasing requirement of external reporting and analysis.  There are many serious vendors in the market that offer 'complete' solutions, but we feel the best Control Systems are based simply on open architectures using the best components on the market regardless of vendor.

We would be delighted to speak to you about your current automation shortcomings, your next automation project or answer any queries you may have regarding automation.